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Tell a more compelling story with a wide-range of outdoor media options...




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Digital Billboards

Offer multiple messages that rotate every ten seconds with eight advertisers sharing the same location. Digital billboards are flexible, allowing multiple designs to run at different times of day or rotate among multiple locations. Ads can run for as little as one day.

Traditional Static Bulletins

Are located primarily on high-traffic interstates and major highways. They provide high daily consumer exposure and high-frequency exposure over extended periods of time. Standard sizes are: 20’x48’, 14’x48’, 10’-6”x 36’, and 10’x30’. Typical ad campaign is 4-52 weeks.

Traditional Poster Billboards

Are located primarily in commercial areas on major local roads. They are viewed by drivers and pedestrians, delivering exposure to residents and to commuter traffic. Standard Sizes are 10’x24’ and 10’-5” x 22’-8”. Typical ad campaign is 4-52 weeks.

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